The Various Types
of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is so gradual, it sneaks up on most of us. Even slight hints that we are losing our hearing can be scary.

Knowledge about hearing loss can not only eliminate your fears, but also help you find ways to preserve and improve your quality of life!

Start with the Basics

Let's start at the beginning. There are two main categories of hearing loss - sensorineural and conductive. Below, we'll lead you through each type.

Knowing which type of hearing loss you have, or if it is a mix of both, will help you get the proper treatment. Please review the information below on the different types of hearing loss.

Also, if you feel you,or someone you love, is experiencing hearing loss, a hearing evaluation can give you the rest of your specific picture to calm your fears.

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Conductive hearing loss has to do with the travel of sound from the outer ear to the middle ear.



Sensorineural hearing loss has to do with damage to the inner ear or the nerves from the ear to the brain.

The Basics of Hearing Aids

If you're ready to learn more about the solutions to overcome hearing loss, we can give you a basic orientation to the best and most affordable options.

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