Do you have a hearing loss?

Our loved ones are often the first to recognize the symptoms of hearing loss. They notice how many times we ask them to repeat what they are saying.

Even when diagnosed, the average person waits 7 years before taking action. To that we say, why wait? Why spend 7 years in isolation when your relationships don't have to experience interruptions caused by hearing loss.

How do you know if you have hearing loss?

Knowing you have a hearing loss isn't always easy. Look for these symptoms:

  • Ask others to repeat themselves often
  • Constantly need to turn up the volume on your TV or stereo
  • Hard time understanding others in the conversation
  • Hard to hear others in a crowded place, like a restaurants
  • Can't really understand others on the phone

Worried you have some hearing loss?

Don't worry, you are not alone. Consider these facts:

  • Over 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss.
  • In the US, over 15% of people 18 and older have trouble hearing (37.5 million).
  • 1 in 3 people age 64 and older have hearing loss.
  • An estimated one in ten people will have disabling hearing loss by 2050 (900 million people).

Understanding hearing loss, and all the terminology and technology that goes with it, can be like going to a foreign country. Even before being diagnosed, worry and doubt can settle in and solutions can seem unattainable.

Hearing care professionals at America's Best Hearing are here to help you navigate this new world and give you clear information about hearing loss. We can help you understand everything from how the hearing system works to how we can diagnose a loss to the vast options for treating hearing loss.

And the earlier you act on the signs of hearing loss, even if it's mild, the better options you have and the higher your quality of life will be in the long term.

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Our audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists possess the knowledge and expertise to help you determine which hearing aid brand and style best fit you.

First things first.

If you want to understand hearing loss, you must first understand some basics on how your hearing works.

Our ears are just the outside of an entire hearing system. A lot goes into our ability to hear. At it's most basic level, our auditory system is able to capture sound waves and convert them into neural codes interpreted by the brain.

All in all, our auditory system is composed of three main divisions:

  • The outer ear
  • The middle ear
  • The inner ear

Hearing loss occurs when there is either damage to or blockage in these three divisions. Fortunately, most types of hearing loss will benefit from the wonderful hearing aid technology of today. There are certain types of hearing loss that can be treated with medication or surgery.

Understanding this fundamental information about your hearing system, you're ready to learning about the different types of hearing loss and what you can do about each type. Click the button below to learn more.

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